Are motivation influences? The answer is amazingly simple that it depends upon the Motivational speakers. Motivational Speaker is a person who encourages you. In short, he is the person how heals you from words remedy just like Qasim Ali Shah. Question arises, who is Qasim Ali Shah?

Who Is Qasim Ali Shah:

He is one of the greatest motivational speakers in Pakistan who was born in Gujrat on 25 December,1980. Every Pakistani knows about him.

Who is Qasim Ali Shah

It is not wrong to say that (who is Qasim Ali Shah?) is the man of complete knowledge. Moreover, he works as a corporate Trainer, Teacher, Writer.

 He has delivered a lot of motivational lectures in the well- known organizations across worldwide. People know him by the name of Promoter of tourism in Uzbekistan.

Certainly, He is officially managing a nonprofit organization which is named as Qasim Ali Shah Foundation.

We can say that he writes for every individual. He is the inspiration for each age gathering, corporate officials, Businessmen, Housewives, Networkers, Employees, Students Sportsmen nizagara and for all who are willing for everlasting Success, Peace, Happiness, and Personal Growth.

Did Qasim Ali Shah author any book?

Why not, he authored many comprehensive books. Therefore, his collection of books has been prednisone published number of times. He has written twelve books which are provided.

  1. Bari Manzil ka Musafir, 2017, Ruby Publishing.
  2. Kamyabi Ka Paigham, 2014, Ruby Publishing.
  3. 365 Aqwaal-E-Khud Shanasai, 2018, Ruby Publishing.
  4. Aap Ka Bacha Kamyaab Ho Sakta Hai, 2017, Ruby Publishing.
  5. Unchi Udaan, 2017, Ruby Publishing.
  6. Zara Num Ho, 2017, Ruby Publishing.
  7. Teacher Se Trainer Tak, 2019, Ruby Publishing.
  8. Guftgu (گفتگو), Nai Soch Publishers
  9. ABR-E-MUSALSAL (ابر مسلسل), Nai Soch Publishers.
  10. TARGHEEB (ترغیب), Nai Soch Publishers.
  11. Soch Ka Hamaliya (سوچ کا ہمالیہ), Nai Soch Publishers.
  12. Rah e Azam Mein (راہ عزم میں).

 Did Qasim Ali Shah’s foundation collaborate with someone?

No doubt, it is highly informative question. Well- His foundation always tried to serve the best. So, the answer is simply Yes. It is updating news that Qasim Ali shah’s foundation has been collaborated with the Enablers which is the well-known online service provider teaching academy.

Most famous Quotes of Qasim Ali Shah.

In fact, his every single quote is incredibly famous but some of them have the huge fame. Here are given the most famous quote.

Quote no 1:

Qasim Ali shah quotes

The first impression is that you can always keep this impression. Never tell what you are not. Never hide what you are.

Qasim Ali Shah – English

Quote no 2:

Qasim Ali shah Quotes

Peace does not come down from the sky. It must be created. The environment must be made pleasant. Love and respect do not prednisone come from asking, but from giving to others.

– English

Quote no 3:

Qasim Ali shah Quote

Remember, things are not as bad as we think they are. Thorns and flowers grow on the same plant.

– English

Who is Qasim Ali Shah? Quote no 4:

Qasim Ali shah Quote

Successful persons work hard at night and the average person is enjoying sleep at the same time.

– English

Quote no 5:

We have become accustomed to finding faults. Like bees, we have become accustomed to finding only dirt. Become a Whirlpool and find the flowers.

Qasim Ali Shah– English

Quote no 6:

Sometimes adapt to the situation and sometimes tend himself according to the situation and keep going.

– English

Quote no 7:

Qasim Ali shah

The person is your benefactor who can convince you that yes you can.

Qasim Ali– English

Quote no 8:

quote of Qasim

Have big dreams because what is not in God’s imagination cannot become reality.

Qasim Ali Shah– English

Quote no 9:

 Quote of Qasim Ali

The hero has the power to keep thoughts positive in negative situation – Qasim Ali Shah

Quote no 10:

Quote of Qasim Ali

Life is not about how happy you are, life is about how happy others are with you.

Qasim Ali– English

By zeeshan