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Who is a Motivational Speaker in Pakistan?

A motivational speaker is a person who motivates and inspires a person or a group of people by their counselling, motivational talks, or by their speeches.

Motivational Speaker in Pakistan

In conclusion, these things help other persons to achieve their goals in life. Motivational Speakers influences and make people able to overcome the issues they face and climb the stairs to success, for success has no shortcuts. .

What does a Motivational Speaker Do?

The main and the first role of a motivational speakers is to inspire and encourage

the audience.

  • A motivating speaker increases the audience’s interest in the desired field. They encourage those listening to keep going if they want to succeed.
  • They give talks at several events to relieve their audience by offering multiple ideas rather than a single chance.
  • No doubt, motivational speaker encourages the personality of their audience by challenging them to face and solve the problem.
  • Motivational speakers want to inspire people to pursue a purposeful lifestyle and find their life’s purpose.
  • Motivational speakers temporarily ease your stress and sharpen your brain by speaking with motivation.

Top Motivational Speakers in Pakistan.

Here is the list of some top motivational speakers In Pakistan:

Motivational Speaker-Qasim Ali Shah

Pakistan’s most respected, versatile, dynamic and well known among Motivational Speakers in Pakistan Mr. Qasim Ali Shah  started his journey as a teacher to become a mentor, motivational speaker and life coach. His conferences are a constant source of inspiration for his followers. and crowds in general.

 Motivational Speaker in Pakistan

He has led thousands of inspirational seminars and sessions on a variety of self-help topics. His live audience, who he has coached, is approximately nine million (900,000). More recently he has said the best coach of Punjab Judicial Academy, Pakistan.

Mr. Qasim Ali Shah is not a talker but a doer. Following his passions, he proved to be a successful entrepreneur, inspirational academic, best-selling author,  philanthropist and  influential coach. With its vision of serving humanity in general, it offers free  sessions on assorted topics across the country.

Fahad khan

Fahad Khan is commemorated because the keynote speaker and host of Pakistan’s biggest entrepreneurship conference. He is likewise achieved as a speaker at TEDx-UET & Entrepreneurship in Pakistan. He is a motivational speaker in Pakistan.

Fahad added his lectures at special occasions worldwide. Different occasion organizers invite him to cope with their audience. He promises his speech now no longer handiest to business-associated individuals however additionally to college students and others.

Fahad khan offers his high-quality to inspire his listeners in Pakistan and allows to convert them

mind or even their lives.

Dr. Javed Iqbal

Javed Iqbal is an exceptionally certified Laparoscopic physician in Bahawalpur with over three a long time of experience. He is presently a Professor of Surgery Director DME and Quaid-e- Azam Medical College.

 Motivational Speaker in Pakistan

Javed claims that scientific schooling is his 2d love as he is likewise a posted poet and additionally writes Urdu prose. He mostly gives lectures on his YouTube channel which is well reputed.

Javed Chaudhary

Javed Chaudhary is one of the most ranked motivational speakers in Pakistan. He is also an anchorperson, columnist, analyst, author and journalist.

 Motivational Speaker in Pakistan

He has a motivational channel named as Javed Chaudhry which has 1.17+ subscribers. And 170+ videos are available on his channel.

Salman Asif Siddiqui

Salman Asif Siddiqui, who is a well-known for his Motivation Speaking in Pakistan founder and director of the Educational Resource Development Center (ERDC), a training and materials development institute in Pakistan. In addition, he is an outspoken critic of the contemporary educational system. Above all shows that he an advocate of natural learning. He has a dream to fulfill to become best Motivational Speaker In Pakistan.

 Motivational Speaker

Every home and school into a learning club where children are unconditionally trusted, owned and accepted. Salman  received his education in Pakistan and specialized in educational psychology. Similarly, he has traveled extensively, studying the strengths and limitations of some of the best education systems in the world.

His academic activities include psychology, pedagogy, sociology, religion, philosophy and literature. and science. During his more than 27 years of experience in  education, he has worked as a teacher, trainer, consultant, author and editor.

Qaiser Abbas

Qaiser Abbas is a globally recognized, Award-Winning Leadership Coach. Moreover, he is the author of eight bestselling books including his recent one ‘Made in Crises’, published by Hay House, USA. ‘Made in Crises’ has also been nominated for Business Book of the Year Award 2021. Abbas is the best motivational speaker in Pakistan.

 Motivational Speaker

In 2017, Qaiser received the prestigious ‘Brian Tracy International Excellence Award’ in London. He also won ‘Asia’s Trainer of the Year Award 2017’ by World HRD Congress, Singapore. Qaiser is an Organizational Psychologist by education. He is the originator of DARE Coaching System, practiced by over a thousand coaching professionals in four continents.

Motivational Speaker in Pakistan-Umair Jaliawal

Umair Jaliawal is a  learning consultant, trainer, keynote speaker and facilitator with decades of experience. In addition, Jallianwala’s advisory horizon in ​​learning design and implementation ranges from state-wide task forces to ethnic and community initiatives. Hence, Jaliawal is the most famous among the motivational speakers in Pakistan.

 Motivational Speaker

Certainly, your ability to map needs and design interventions based on growth, inclusion and sustainability makes their work relevant, valued and reproducible. His global connection and local action have helped him lead change through local resistance.

As the trainer of , Umair combines business, faith and psychology. His sessions are a roller coaster ride of stimulants, audiovisual content, exercises and simulations. Therefore, a regular Jaliawal session brings participants to reflect, grow, celebrate, mourn and connect.

Motivational Speaker in Pakistan-Hammad Safi

Hammad Safi, an 11-year-old  who charmed Pakistan, is a name that rose to become Pakistan’s first superchild by becoming its youngest motivational speaker and article author. He awarded by well-known national and international personalities. Moreover, honored with the title “Fakher-e-Pakistan (The Pride of Pakistan)”. One of the most influencing a motivational speaker in Pakistan.

 Motivational Speaker

Hammad is the only child to have officially conducted motivational and awareness-raising sessions at more than a hundred prestigious universities in Pakistan. Hammad  shares his vision to help Pakistan become a united, strong and educated state. Hamad is one of the most talented motivational speakers in Pakistan.

Certainly, Inspired by Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Hammad quotes his poems and sayings in his speeches and goes on to reiterate that the youth need to know who Iqbal is and how he suggests the youth of Pakistan to behave.

Moreover, Hammad Safi belongs to Peshawar, the provincial capital of the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He is currently studying at  Super Kids School System, a project of  University of Spoken English and Computer Science in Peshawar, Lethrar Road and Capital City Islamabad.

Muniba Mizari

Muniba Mizari Baloch was born three March 1987, also called the Iron Lady of Pakistan. May be a Pakistani activist, anchor artist, model, singer and psychological feature speaker. She became the National Ambassador for United Nations girls.

 Motivational Speaker

Pakistan shortlisted within a hundred sacred girls of 2015 by BBC. She also created it to the Forbes thirty beneath 30 list for 2016. She is a motivational speaker in Pakistan.

Muniba Baloch is additionally Pakistan’ 1st model and anchor who uses a chair. She uses a wheelchair thanks to injuries sustained during an automobile accident at the age of 21. She appeared as a number on Hum News’ social show Main Nahi Hum.

Muniba Mizari is from a Baloch background, happiness to the tribe of Mizari. She was born in Rahim Yar-Khan that is in southern geographic area on three March 1987. Muniba visited the military Public School, associated later attended faculty in her native home city for a BFA. She is the best Motivational Speakers in Pakistan.

At the age of 18, before she might complete her studies, she married. In 2008, she was concerned in an accident, which left her paraplegic.

Sheikh Atif Ahmad-Motivational Speakers in Pakistan

Mr. Shaykh Atif Ahmed is an expert teacher and CEO of Al-Midrar Institute. He has led many expert trainings and conducted more than one workshops to educate. And influence the kids, to help uplift many individuals, and to tug them out of despair to reignite ardor of their lives.

 Motivational Speaker

Sheikh Atif Ahmed has studied on the University of Houston, Dallas. He is one of the splendid motivational audio systems. Hence, they do paintings lots for the kids and he teaches the precept of control sciences, entrepreneurship, Leadership, Art of War, Islamic Creed, and many different projects .

Motivational Speaker in Pakistan-Tanzeela Khan

The name of this Motivational Speaker in Pakistan, Writer, Painter, Social Charity Campaigner is Tanzila Khan. People and her loved ones regularly name him Tanzi.

Moreover, she is one of the most known Motivational Speakers in Pakistan.

 Motivational Speaker

Secondly, the domestic city of this individual is Sialkot, Pakistan. Islam seen via way of means of her. The academic qualification of this individual is un-known. Let look at the beneath segment to get greater information.

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