Do you know what is Mangago? If you are then you must know that it is paid. Its prices vary which depends on the different countries. But in Japan or China its price is 10 dollars.

But the fact is that only price does not matters what matters is that you must buy it once from the store which acquires most of your time and budget. Now the Question arises whether we have best option or not? The answer is yes, we have Manago.

In this article complete information about the Manago app, its features, and many other relevant information is provided. So, must read the complete article.

What is Mangago?

Mangago is an internet-based manga website. There are more than 80,000 manga available to read. It is free; There is no subscription fee or any other cost of any kind. Just go to Mangago and you can read your favorite manga.

What is mangago

You do not have to go through boring steps to read your favorite manga on Mangago. Just go to Mangago, find the manga of your choice, and read it online; It is that simple. Creating an account in Manga go is possible, but not required.

You can continue reading manga without creating an account. Mangago does not require any personal information from you and can be used anonymously.

Mangago app features:

  1. It has a massive Manga collection.
  2. The person interface is each progressive and engaging.
  3. Several manga resources have simply been updated.
  4. To upload your required web sites to the app, input their URLs.
  5. Over 50,000 manga and comedian books are present for free.

How to Download Mangago app.

  1. First, go to an APK store like Play store.
  2. Type mangago in the search box.
  3. Select the Find Now option. Next, open the Mangago Apk file.
  4. By selecting the Download Now option, you can save the APK file to your phone.
  5. Now open the file from the download folder. Allow your phone system to install unknown apps to install it.
  6. Launch the app and sign in with your Facebook or Google account.
  7. Now you can read all the manga  you want on your Android smartphone.

How many genres does Mangago have?

Mangago have 37 genres, all genres are given below, along with the number of related manga.

  1. Yaoi: A total of 10276 manga.
  2. Smut: A total of 3938 manga.
  3. Adult: A total of 1492 manga.
  4. School Life: A total of 8425 manga.
  5. Mystery: A total of 2428 manga.
  6. One-Shot: A total of 5122 manga.
  7. Ecchi: A total of 3402 manga.
  8. Shounen: A total of 5411 manga.
  9. Martial Arts: A total of 1412 manga.
  10. Doujinshi: A total of 5917 manga.
  11. Shounen Ai: A total of 4023 manga.
  12. Shoujo: A total of 10229 manga.
  13. Yuri: A total of 2218 manga.
  14. Romance: A total of 20034 manga.
  15. Fantasy: A total of 9893 manga.
  16. Comedy: A total of 16116 manga.
  17. Shoujo Ai: A total of 2071 manga.
  18. Mecha: A total of 478 manga.
  19. Psychological: A total of 2293 manga.
  20. Sci-fi: A total of 1911 manga.
  21. Seinen: A total of 4708 manga.
  22. Slice Of Life: A total of 7330 manga.
  23. Sports: A total of 942 manga.
  24. Gender Bender: A total of 1042 manga.
  25. Tragedy: A total of 1831 manga.
  26. Supernatural: A total of 5843 manga.
  27. Drama: A total of 12667 manga.
  28. Action: A total of 8269 manga.
  29. Adventure: A total of 4873 manga.
  30. Harem: A total of 1354 manga.
  31. Historical: A total of 2950 manga.
  32. Horror: A total of 1884 manga.
  33. Josei: A total of 4105 manga.
  34. Mature: A total of 2100 manga
  35. Bara: A total of 91 manga.
  36. Shotacon: A total of 257 manga.
  37. Webtoons: A total of 7310 manga.

How to Use Manago app while it is pirated?

In a few countries, it is not legal to use Mangago app due to the fact it is a pirated website. If your Country is certainly considered one among those, it is excellent in case you placed each attempt into staying anonymous. The excellent manner to anonymously get sign in to Mangago is using a VPN or Incognito network.

VPN will hold your on-line interest hidden. No one, together with your Country’s authorities, will discover while you operate Manga Go. It is continually excellent to apply VPN whilst journeying pirated web sites.

Another precaution whilst journeying pirated web sites is to apply a depended-on antivirus. Although Manga Go does not have not unusual place reasserts of viruses like commercials, popups, redirects, and notifications, it is continually the excellent exercise to stay at the secure side.

After all, Mangago is a pirated website, even though it doesn’t have commercials and popups. Using an antivirus, you may absolutely block any viruses that could infect your laptop thru Mangago.

Advantages and drawbacks of Mangago:


  1. Simple and unique consumer interface
  2. Best thing is that advertisement, popups, and redirects.
  3. It collects Mangas from dozens of genres
  4. It has no bloatware.
  5. No doubt, it has fast response time and brilliant manga loading speed.
  6. Excellent download speed


  1. The server may fit down someday.
  2. The most un-negligible issue is that error arise from time to time.
  3. It shows 18+ manga, without any restriction.
  4. It is dangerous to the intellectual fitness of minors.


Mangago is a quite top internet site in case you need to examine numerous types of manga on the equal region for free. It is handy in case you need to shop cash at the same time as taking part in your interest of studying manga.

But even though it is free, it has legal troubles that include it. It is higher to stay careful whilst the use of pirated websites.

By zeeshan