Are you an electricity user or solar energy user? An electricity user must know that there is always a company that provides the electricity locally and we pays monthly bill for using their services. Lesco is one of them.

So, Lesco bills has become one of most searching query. In this article the complete information about what is Lesco Bill? how to get online duplicate bill and how to register complaint and how to contact Lesco customer services is given.

Hence it is recommended that read this article completely. Lets dive in the sea of knowledge.

What is LESCO Bills?

The word LESCO stands for Lahore Electric Supply Company. LESCO is a private company that supply electricity to the whole Lahore city.

The service which is LESCO supplying is impressive. LESCO is very advanced electric company. Sometimes, it happens that you might not receive a bill at the time and then you must pay extra charges in term of fine.

Now, LESCO is offering the online service, through this service you can it became extremely easy to print your electricity bill online and can pay them.

What is the Procedure to Generate Bill from LESCO Site?

The procedure to generate bill from LESCO site is given as:

In this era of technological revolution, almost all of the companies are now gradually being shifted to digitalization processes for the ease of the public in order to save the consumption of nizagara time and energy.

A time was when people must stand in a long queue just to pay their bills manually.

Unfortunately, it takes the entire day. Sometimes, it prednisone became exceedingly difficult to catchup the deadline. However, with the digitalization of the billing system in Pakistan, things have turned out to be much easier now.

Here is screenshot of website is given for your assistance.

Things are getting easier but mostly people do not know how it works.

So, you can easily get awareness from this article. You can now easily check and pay your bills online via

If you are not aware of the process, here we have compiled the details for the procedure following which you can check your bill, get its print for your record, and even pay it online without losing any time.

  • Browse
  • You browse Check Bill Page or search in google like “Lesco Bill” and then choose on the first page of results
  • On the Lesco page, just enter your Lesco Bill Reference No. and press enter to go ahead.
  • The system will generate their latest month bill
  • Then, you can get a copy of the bill and your copy printed bill will be accepted at any LESCO Bill Receiving Agent Counter.

How to pay bill on Lesco site:

The procedure to generate bill from LESCO site is given as

  1. Open your Browser and go to
  2.  select “Bill Pay” tab
  3. 2.Then enter your account number, username and password
  4. Click on “Pay Bills” button.
  5. 4.Then select “View Bill Pay Statement” button
  6. Enter the last four digits of the account holder’s Social Security Number (SSN) in the SSN field and click on “Submit” button
  7. The next step is to select a biller from the drop-down list and click on the “Next” button

How to register your complaint on Lesco complaint portal:

Now prednisone and again, individuals deal with various issues in aid. On the off chance that you are likewise among the ones who are dealing with any issue in help, then, at that point, you ought to whine about the authority site of LESCO.

It is easy to enlist your objection, however, few simple tasks will aid you with finishing your responsibility. This is the very thing that you really want to do:

  1. As a matter of  importance, you need to tap on the given connection bottom to open the authority site of LESCO
  2. Another tab will open in your program
  3. It is an authority site of Lahore Electric Supply Company in the new Tab
  4. You need to enlist an objection in the complaint cell. There will be a case to think of you gripe. I genuinely want to believe that you will do it rapidly
  5. Remember to give the reference number of your meter

LESCO Customer Services Numbers:

  1. Customer Services
    Director Customer Services : 99204814
  2. Manager (S&I) : 99204798
  3. Manager Commercial : 99204850

By zeeshan