If you are unaware about freelancing meaning in Urdu and really do not know anything about it. It’s a compliment to go on YouTube and get help to understand about freelancing to become enroll in this industry. But if you know something about it and want to clear their queries you are at the right place.

Earning million dollars has become a dream of every single person. In this article all information about Freelancing meaning in Urdu and its examples, all time skills are described. So, must read the full article to become clear in all aspects of freelancing.

Who is Freelancer in Urdu?

who is Freelancer

Freelancer is basically a self-employed individual or an organization, who provides services to different clients at once. He is a person who has his own flexible lifestyle, sets his own schedule for working. He can complete his work remotely and hand over it to the client who in return pays him. Therefore, today’s young generation prefer remote jobs or freelancing over office job.

What is the Freelancing in Urdu?

Word freelancing meaning in Urdu is the combination of two words. First, the word free and second word is lancing. So, let’s start explaining these terms. Free means you are free in the sense of time. You must complete the client’s required time in a certain interval of time.

Its all up to you what time slot you will choose for your working duration. Second, the word lancing means Self-employed. In the job premises there is always a boss over you but in freelancing you are your own boss.

So doing freelancing is the best choice to fulfil your desires and to achieve your dreams.

Freelancing meaning in urdu

Examples of freelancing.

Mostly, the question rise is that what kind of work we can do to earn? Or what domains freelancing offers? Here are few freelancing works that you can do to earn online money without any investment.

  • Data entry
  • Virtual assistant
  • Captcha entry
  • Content Writing
  • Blogging
  • Digital marketing
  • Website designing
  • Data Entry
  • Career coaching
  • Copywriting
  • Proof writing
  • ghostwriting


All given domain have their own scope but the rising skill or the most demanding skill is digital marketing. Moreover, it is highly paid domain now a days.

Is freelancing being a good career?

Currently, freelancing meaning in Urdu? is most repeated question of todays. It is not wrong to say that mostly people do not have knowledge of freelancing in Urdu. It achieves the hype during Corona pandemic. That was the most challenging time of every person.

People became jobless, then they thought about remote job. Freelancing has a bright career. Almost every country promoted freelancing. Here is the list of few countries in the track of freelancing.

 As technology is growing and science is bringing most innovations that enhance the career of remote job. There fore it is clear that freelancing has bright career, it is from one of the limited jobs who pays you a handsome income.

What are the Best freelancing skills in Urdu for all times?

Creative Content Writing

Content writing is one of highly demanding Freelancing skill. It includes writing blogs, E-books, press, Whitepapers, Articles, and publish it in digital way. Whenever, you must search out anything on the internet you find articles and any other texts form data. All these things are documented.

Creative writing is one of long-term selling skill content plays a role of backbone on the internet. Although it is not an easy task because your content must be unique and easy to understand. It is also a remote job with number of benefits.

 ­ Freelancing meaning in Urdu- Virtual Assistant?

As it is shown from the name that virtual means disappeared, and assistant means someone’s employee. It is not commonly available at every platform, but it is highly demanding and highly paying job.

It has wide range of work opportunities starting from data entry to professional run Client’s business accounts. To become a virtual assistant, it is especially important to have a knowledge of MS office Specially Microsoft excel. You must have good organizational management skills.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. So, it makes a clear sense that its all activities are related to the search engine. We can do SEO for anything that is approachable on the internet. SEO is basically the process of acquiring the things that we going to post online. IT is especially important for ranking process.

So, if you post the content after a standard SEO there is hundred percent chance that it will rank. It is also an important skill to learn its demand is rising day by day. Numbers of platforms offers millions of jobs for SEO. Mostly, in SEO temporary E-mail uses. It is also an important work.

Graphic Designing

Mostly all the thing we see on the social media or digitally has an image. With the development of everything people became busier therefore they don’t have sufficient time to spend it on reading text or similar stuff. Today’s generation prefers visuals than text. Numbers of reasons are behind this that freelancing meaning in Urdu?

 So, demand of graphic designing is going to rise, and it will undesirably rise day by day with the development of human society. No need to join school or no investment needed to learn this wonderful skill. Just go to YouTube and search for best learning platform. Grab this skill and earn in millions.

Web development

Web development is an all-time skill and there is no match of this skill. It is an era of E-commerce. Almost every business wants its presence on online platforms that is impossible without creating a website. In real, Website showcase things offered by the seller to know Freelancing meaning in Urdu?

A huge crowd of jobs available for this skill. It might look difficult but by practicing you can achieve vast number of clients. You must learn it from school or by using prednisone social media platforms. So, go hurry learn this versatile skill, create a handsome Portfolio and start earning and adding How to use freelancing in Urdu?

Freelancing Meaning in Urdu-Animation/ video creation

Almost every marketing company or many other businesses are now shifting from shooting to animations. Video creation is the process of making video by cutting, editing the footages. One of the most demanding skills of current time. Millions of dollars could be earned from this skill.

As, businesses started animations mostly in adds. Hence, the trend of animation and video creation is going up. If you are interested to buy this skill join any school and can get help from YouTube lectures and the best platform what is freelancing skills in Urdu is GFXMentor.

Software development

 As we have discussed earlier that the rate of app users is gradually increasing. It is commonly known term that every app needed a software to run. We can easily guess the scope of this skill. Almost every country is focusing on advancement of IT department.

If you are an expert in this specific skill, then you do not need to worry about you career. You might notice that number of jobs are available on freelance marketplace. If you are a genuine freelancer, then easily land a job and start earning.

What is Freelancing in Urdu skills-Mobile app development

As revolution occurs in almost every field of business. Then every business tried to supply more ease to their consumer as a marketing strategy. Every single person of current time is a mobile user. So, businesses develop their apps. In future nizagara the scope of this skill is bright. The fact is that mobile users are increasing with gradually increase in population. However, if you are expert in this skill and can develop User- friendly app. So, a bright future is waiting for you.

Final Words:

Concluding the above all, most important thing is that, mostly skills are for limited time but here lifetime skills are given. Moreover, the rising inflation has braked bone of every person. Hence, it is the last choice to achieve your dreams. Learn a skill, have a laptop and a good internet connection and should find work on freelance marketplaces. Certainly, every information about freelancing meaning in Urdu is given in the article. So, what are you waiting for? Start work professionally and enjoy the life as a freelancer.

By zeeshan